Registered Massage Therapy & Nutritionist

Relaxing the muscles, the body and the mind.
Barrie Massage Therapy

Vesna has a degree in Kinesiology and Health Science and has worked in the field of cardiac rehab at Southlake Hospital and as Health Promotion Coordinator for employee health and wellness programs. In recent years she has received certification as a Natural Nutritionist and completed her training as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Vesna has had wide range of work experiences in the field of health and wellness and is eager to employ her massage therapy and nutrition counseling skills to treat the whole person. She sees the treatment of any illness or injury as requiring a multi dimensional approach. She believes that the body was designed to heal itself when placed under the right conditions, receiving the appropriate therapy along with the patient’s engagement and participation.

Her massage therapy approach to treatment includes various manual techniques, with emphasis on active movement therapy, joint mobilization, progressive neuromuscular facilitation, hydrotherapy, cupping, dynamic taping as well as remedial exercises.

For those requiring nutritional support and counseling, Vesna can help by assessing where the break down is occurring in the diet, provide customized meal plans and lifestyle recommendations to address underlying dysfunction or just provide the body with additional support and preventative maintenance.

Ways Massage Therapy Can Help You

Services available by our Registered Massage Therapist

Physical relaxation

Massage stimulates the release of hormones that not only make us feel good, but produce a relaxing effect in our muscles and tissues

Improved Circulation

Massage helps move the blood and lymphatic fluid along in our bodies which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination

Relief for tight muscles (knots)

Massage addresses a variety of aches and pains by causing the release of muscle tightness and soreness

Release of nerve compression

Tight muscles and tissues can put pressure on nerves, which leads to pain. Massage helps relax these tissues and thereby decreasing the compression on the nerve. (carpel tunnel, sciatica)

Flexibility and range of motion

Muscle tightness inhibits us from moving within our full range of motion. Releasing the tension slowly improves the way in which we can move our body and improves overall flexibility.

Enhanced energy and vitality

Through a variety of mechanisms Massage therapy leaves us feeling more energized and vital. It helps us lessen the burden of toxins stored in our tissues, and even helps release our emotions.


These can be cause by a variety of physical issues including poor posture, stress and tension in the neck and shoulders and ergonomic issues at work. Massage therapy can address these issues and reduce the frequency and severity of headaches

Lessening Anxiety and Depression

Massage therapy can have a mood lifting effect and reduce overall perception of stress. Therapeutic touch and connection can help an individual feel grounded.

Heal scar tissue

By improving circulation and releasing the tissue formation around scars, Massage can lessen the appearance of scars and improve the overall flexibility and health of the scarred tissue.

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